About Us

Welcome to Astitva by Rabani!!


              Astitva by Rabani was born out of my struggles as a new  Mom. I started it with the help of my 2 siblings and used our nickname initials Rani , Bala and Nidhi to name my brand Astitva By Rabani. I was a full time working professional and always had thought of starting something of my own. After my son was born I was really struggling to spent some time with him as my Job kept me busy almost 12-13 hour a day. I was always fascinated about jewelry so I started with reselling , but soon I realized there is nothing like creating something of your own , That's how I started making them. I am a self taught Artist. Today I am working even more than 13-`14 hours but enjoy it with my family.
We at Astitva by Rabani believe to create stunning pieces at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Browse through the website to see our amazing collection.

Cheers !!!